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The School




Student Creed


To Build
True Confidence Through,
Knowledge in the Mind,
Honesty in the Heart,
and Strength in the Body


Sep 2005:
Sensei Jenn has moved to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Good luck!  Sempi Todd will continue teaching the Grappling classes.

Aug 2005:

Testing under  Master Stengele, Sensei Jenn was promoted to Yodan (4th degree), and Sempi Dan to Sandan (3rd degree).

Nancy and Tim passed their test and received their Nidan (2nd degree) Black Belts.

Dave was promoted to Brown Belt.

Corinne was promoted to Blue Belt.

April 2005:  Nancy and Tim promoted to Joshu (level 1).
Nicki and Rob promoted to Purple Belt

March 2005:  Dave promoted to Red Belt

2-19-05: Graduation

1-16-05: Black Belt Test (congrats Garrett and Nick!)

11-15-04: Black Belt Pretest 2


10-13-04: Black Belt Pretest 1

9-18-04: Graduation (congratulations to Sensei Jenn!)

8-23-04: New Team United Instructor - Sensei Jenn

8-1-04: Black Belt Test (congratulations Tyler and Vicky!)

6-12-04: Black Belt Pretest 2

5-15-04: Black Belt Pretest 1

The School

Since 2002, Team United Karate has been training students in Martial Arts.  Our style combines traditional karate, self-defense, and sparring techniques.  Located conveniently off Route 378 near Historic Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, we offer training to both adults and children.

The school was founded by Sensei Sam Esposito. His goals have been to:

  1. teach an effective martial arts system that adds to the quality of each individual student's life

  2. create a family atmosphere where people from all walks of life gather and train together as equal

  3. lead students to develop strong martial arts skills to defend against those who try to take advantage, yet learn to be caring and compassionate to those less fortunate
These goals continue to guide Team United Karate.

Sensei Sam

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The Head Instructor

Classes are taught by Sensei Jenn Hittinger. Sensei Jenn has more than 14 years experience training in and instructing martial arts. Her experience in karate, tae kwon do, and jiu-jitsu provides the foundation for learning at Team United Karate.

Sensei Jenn

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Team United Karate’s recipe for success utilizes a combination of strong techniques, vigorous workouts, and caring instructors. Team United Karate's instructors realize that each student enters into a karate program with different goals and objectives and that it is their responsibility to know the goals of each student and help them to achieve.

It is an old saying that "a student doesn't know how much his instructor knows, until he knows how much his instructor cares." This philosophy is what motivates our instructors to care about each student in a way that is second to no other Martial Arts system.

The students learn to defend themselves, improve their physical conditioning and mental awareness. Through Martial Arts training students improve their self-esteem, confidence, discipline, focus and develop leadership qualities that help to give them an overall winning attitude.

Black Belt Team

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Contact Sensei Jenn to schedule 2 Free Introductory Classes!

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