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Chief Instructors

Jenn2.jpg (16230 bytes) Sensei_Sam_small.jpg
Sensei Jenn
Sensei Sam (founder)

September 18, 2004 Graduation

Grad14v.jpg Grad14t.jpg Grad14bb.jpg Grad14perf.jpg
Vicky getting her Black Belt Tyler getting his Black Belt
The new Black Belts
Sensei Sam with the performers

Aug 1, 2004 Black Belt Test

Test1.jpg Test2.jpg BB1.jpg
Tyler practicing kata
Vicky warming up
Black Belt Judges

July 26, 2004 Class Photos

Class01.jpg Class02.jpg Class03.jpg Class04.jpg (25656 bytes) Class05.jpg
Advanced Kids (Garrett, Tyler, Vicky)
Adult Class
Sempi Scarlett and Sempi Nance
Nick and Bruce Lee?
Sempi Todd and Donald
Class06.jpg Class07.jpg Class08.jpg LuisClass09.jpg Class10.jpg
Sempi Scarlett and Sempi Nance
More Self Defense
Sempi George and Sempi Tim
Sempi George and Sempi Tim

May 2003 Salisbury Elementary Demonstration
Instructors.jpg (29766 bytes) Demo04.jpg (16230 bytes)

May 2003 Graduation

grad1.jpg grad2.jpg grad3.jpg

Participants Deshi Luis Break
Sempi Todd Break

grad4.jpg grad5.jpg grad6.jpg grad7.jpg grad8.jpg
Sempi Todd Break
Exodus Exodus Exodus Exodus
grad9.jpg grad10.jpg grad11.jpg grad12.jpg grad13.jpg
Sempi Todd
Sempi Nancy
Sempi Nancy
Sempi Tim
Sempi Tim

April 2003 Black Belt Test

4test.jpg (21067 bytes) HereComesTheJudge.jpg (13146 bytes) Luiskata.jpg (18153 bytes) NanceInStance.jpg (25656 bytes) IDontWantAnyTrouble.jpg (285640 bytes)
The 4 Hopefuls The Judges Sempi Luis doing Kata Nancy in a Side Stance I Don't Want any Trouble
FeelTheTension.jpg (28199 bytes) ToddShatteringBoard.jpg (21912 bytes) TimBreakingBoard.jpg (24174 bytes) LuisGettingHeadKnockedOff.jpg (30036 bytes) NanceGettingNoseFlattened.jpg (29489 bytes)
Look at the Tension Todd Shattering Boards Tim Breaking Boards That Had to Hurt Nancy Getting Nose Punched

February 2003 Graduation

George getting belt.jpg (32299 bytes) George & Ally Exodus.jpg (33208 bytes) Vicky tossing Mandy.jpg (195886 bytes) Sean breaking board @ graduation.jpg (163441 bytes)
George getting his Black Belt George & Ally doing Exodus Vicky tossing Deshi Mandy Sean Breaking a Bo


Black Belt Instructors
Instructors.jpg (29766 bytes) Black_Belt_Team.jpg (23472 bytes) Deshis.jpg (246715 bytes)
2003 Instructors 2003 Black Belt Team 2003 Deshis

December 2002 Black Belt Test

Ally @ test.jpg (21203 bytes) George v Sam.jpg (34835 bytes) Sean breaking board @ test.jpg (19050 bytes) Ally breaking board @ test.jpg (18882 bytes) George v Tim.jpg (18853 bytes)
Ally fighting at Test George vs. Sensei Sam Sean breaking his Boards Ally breaking her Boards George fighting Tim
  Sean squarring off.jpg (27328 bytes) Ally v Krissy.jpg (18913 bytes)  
  Sean squaring off Ally vs. Krissy  


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